Do you know what Korean sauna style eggs mean? 

Help is here. This has the potential to become one of the favourite breakfast options for millennials. The fact that these eggs are made in a rice cooker might appeal to some youngsters who want to try something different. Secondly, these Korean sauna style eggs have a hint of roasted chicken flavour, and who doesn’t love that? Of course, it’s very subtle. A better way to describe the flavour is that it’s earthy and nutty. The longer they are steamed, the more brown and nutty they become. 

Starting the day with these sauna style eggs will put a nice spin on your daily routine. But just remember that these eggs take a long while to cook. So put the eggs in the rice cooker before you get on with other chores.


Do you know how these eggs got their name? 

Apparently, Korean bathhouses place eggs over steam which results in the brownish tan on the egg whites. As quirky as that sounds, this way of making eggs over sauna steam has become so popular all over Korea and beyond. 

Here’s a recipe for making Korean sauna style eggs!


- 3 eggs

- A pinch of salt


- In a large bowl, fill the water and put the eggs in. 

- Allow them to stay in the bowl for 1 hour. 

- Then transfer the eggs to a rice cooker. 

- Mix sea salt in the water in the large bowl, and pour it over the eggs. 

- Please ensure that the eggs are fully immersed in the water. 

- Switch on the rice cooker. 

- Allow the eggs to cook for an hour. 

- If the eggs are not done, then add more water.

- Let the rice cooker do its work. 

- Remove the eggs. 

- Allow them to cool. 

- Serve with soy sauce. 

We hope you’ll enjoy these Korean sauna style eggs!