Bihari cuisine reflects the simplicity and nuances of Bihar's culture and ways. The foremost aspect is its diversity. From ghugni, a snack you'll find almost everywhere in Bihar, to the heavenly ahuna mutton of Champaran, there will always be more to explore about Bihar's food culture. Of course, litti-chokha is very popular but there's more the cuisine than just this one dish. Often different parts of Bihar have their own style of cooking for the same dish. Dal is put to use in versatile ways. Pitha and dal pithi (both being two different dishes made with rice flour and wheat flour respectively) are some examples of Bihar's way to make the most of fgiven ingredients and give it a unique spin. 

Thekua and Chhath pooja

One thing that surely represents Bihar is the mesmerising view of any ghat during Chhath pooja. It is a festival of four days of worshipping sun. The pure and auspicious festival of Bihar is a time you should visit to experience Bihar in its true essence. One of the offerings that is prepared for this highly revered festival is thekua. Clay stove is still preferred cooking equipment in most parts of Bihar despite advent of modern kitchen tools. For Chhath pooja, thekua is traditionally made on a clay stove and jaggery is used to sweeten it. If one is not making it for the festival, then sugar can work too. Thekua is a like a flat, crisp biscuit kind of a snack which can double as a dessert too. 

How is it prepared?

It does not involve many ingredients or effort. Tight dough of wheat flour, jaggery/sugar and ghee is made. Coconut, dry fruits, cardamom, and fennel could be used as per preference and taste. The shapes are the best part. Beautiful traditional patterns of flowers and leaves are embossed on top of the thekua with anything slightly sharp. It is deep fried and stored.

So, do try thekua or make it at home, if you wish to get a taste of Bihar.