Kokum has a sour taste and is often used as an additive in the form of sun-dried kokum. It is salty in nature and you’ll find that the taste is a lot similar to cranberries. In fact, it looks like a cranberry too since it's round and purple in colour. Another great use of this fruit is when you start drinking its juice. This juice works wonders for your health and a good source of several vitamins and minerals. Even raw Kokum can be very beneficial for you.  

Here are five health benefits of drinking kokum juice. 

1.  Great for pregnancy  

It contains Vitamin B, potassium, magnesium and many other nutrients that help in the development of a healthy baby.  

2. Prevents dehydration  

In summers, get a respite from the heat with a glass of Kokum juice. It is so refreshing that it will instantly energize you.  

3. Good for the digestive system 

It has digestive properties which can solve your problems of constipation and dysentery.  

Source: ShriKripa7/Instagram

4. Hair and skin benefits  

The abundance of anti-oxidants help in preventing early ageing. They also improve the quality of your hair and skin.  

5.  Keeps blood sugar in check 

The juice is packed with nutrients that can control blood sugar levels and curb the harmful effects of diabetes too.  

Source: Bhukkad Chokri/Instagram

6. Cures injuries  

If you have any allergies, suffer from burns or rashes, then the Kokum Juice can help you cure them. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can treat sores too.  

7. Controls cholesterol levels 

It is good for heart patients and it doesn’t allow the production of excess fat so it’s good for weight loss.