There are some classic Parisian experiences that teach you tons about great taste, as evidenced by the famous quote: ‘to know Paris is to know a great deal’. Pause for some time to absorb this fact. Of course, walking is a beautiful leisure activity, but you could avoid wandering away cluelessly. We compiled a list of food experiences, so feel free to lollygag your way through the streets like some ecstatic French people in search of delicious, soul-touching food. 

1. Yam Yam Parisian Sandwich  

Chef Alain Miam Miam is a sandwich stall that captures the spirit of Paris in toasty creations called à la plancha. Made only from high-quality ingredients and pure passion, the piquancy and peculiarity of flavour is top-notch. You can choose any meat-to-cheese combination from the menu. Stand back, then wait to be mesmerised. There are so many compliments which people have heartily given to Chef Alain’s food. Both yam yam and miam miam mean yum yum.


2. Steak Frites 

The metamorphosis of an everyday food into a cult snack is interesting. You would have heard about the famous fast-food query — you want fries with that? Seriously, french fries rock. Case in point — pommes du pont neuf, which is the oldest French version of fried potatoes. However, another creation from France is the combination of steak and fries. Highly recommended! 

3.Wine and Oysters  

This unique approach to wine and dine must definitely be checked out. Wine matches the meal of oysters perfectly from what we’ve heard. You may also go for champagne. Don't the bubbles provide the magic when you are looking for an outstanding experience?



While there are amazing experiences like eating cheese and chocolate, we judged the probability of you having the above experiences by how much you’d rather want to do things that are widely spoken about in daily conversations in Paris and shared some amazing ideas!