Check out these six street items of Agra which can make you wonder why you’ve never been here before. 

1. Petha 

“Agra ka mashoor petha” is one of the reasons why people visit the local nooks of Agra. Ask anyone about Panchhi Petha and he will save your time giving the right direction. Agra's Petha remains a delightful dish for almost all generations.  

2. Rabri and Jalebi      

Jalebi con Rabri is one of the best desserts you can find in the streets of Agra. To balance the Jalebi nectar, it is served with Rabri, which is prepared by reducing the milk during fermentation until it thickens. Rabri balances the sweetness of Jalebi, making it a perfect combination. 

Instagram photo: @inner_chef_ 


3. Aloo chaat

Aloo chaat is something you can find on every street vendor’s shot. A special combination of spicy potatoes and sweet chaat is only offered in Agra. 

4. Pan-fried paratha 

Head to Ram Babu Paratha Bhandar for hot deep-fried paratha with pickles and vegetable puree. It can be the best snack when you are roaming around the city.

Credit: Vishal Khandelwal ( Facebook )


5. Bedai Kachori Sabzi

If you ask me what breakfast I would like to have in Agra, I would say Bedai Kachori Sabzi without thinking twice. The flavour of kachori does something which can savour your taste buds.

6. Shawarma

To enjoy a much better time while on your vacation in Agra, try shawarma. The shawarma is a roll filled with marinated meat. Despite the taste of this dish, you will be fascinated by how it is cooked in the streets.

If you are in the city of Agra, explore the rich and delicious street foods. You will be able to gain a deep knowledge of the local food culture and the elements that influenced the development of these street foods.