One such popular choice in summers is Ice tea. Imagine sipping from a chilled glass of ice tea with the soft breeze blowing away all your worries. Did you actually start visualising? We did too. But this time, let’s tweak your dream a little. Think of a Thai Ice tea instead of your regular one. But what is it? Let’s find out.   

From streets to restaurants  

Thai Ice tea is an orange coloured ice tea, very popular in Southeast Asian regions. Thai restaurants also have this item on their beverage menu. If you happen to visit Thailand, you’ll find several vendors flocking the streets with this refreshing drink.  

Finding the Thai in Thai ice tea  

The Thai tea gets its colour from a food dye that is specially available in Thailand. It is similar to the one that is used in Mac and Cheese. The black tea used in the process is generally from Ceylon or Assam. Spices are added to these loose tea leaves along with sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk. When prepared, this tea is actually hot. But it is served chilled along with lots of ice.  

How to make Authentic Street Style Thai Ice Tea?  

1. Boil all the spices like star anise, cinnamon, tamarind powder, cardamom, vanilla bean and almond extract together with the tea leaves for approximately 5 minutes.  

2. After boiling, strain the tea.  

3. In the same pot, keep stirring the sugar and condensed milk.  

4. Take a glass and fill it up with lots of ice.  

5. Pour the prepared tea into the glass and finally add a few spoon of evaporated milk on top.  

Trust me, one sip down and you will be refreshed to your core. So, are you ready to beat the heat Thai style?