Ask any Thai native about his/her/their comfort food and you’ll definitely hear the name of Pad Krapow. Be it a working weekday or a lazy weekend, Pad Krapow is a must-have dish on a Thai course menu. So much so that even the survivors of the Tham Luang Luang asked for it after being rescued. The name of the dish quite literally means “stir-fried chicken”. Traditionally, the dish is made with chicken. However, with time, people have started adding and substituting chicken with varieties of meats according to their preference. Even the meat is replaced with vegetarian ingredients like tofu and onions. 

The origin of Pad Krapow can be traced back to more than 40 years back. The holy basil was discovered around 2450-2500 B.C. and it has been a vital part of Thai cuisine since then. The dish is considered fast food in Thailand because of the easy and quick process. The dish is usually served on a bed of rice or with a fried egg. The runny yolk deliciously complements the rustic and delicious flavours of the dish. Along with adding flavours, the eggs and rice also pack in more nutrition in the dish. However, some people disagree to consider it as a healthy dish due to the quantity of oil used in making the dish. 

The dish is made by cooking chicken with a mixed sauce consisting of soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, and chicken broth. The sweet and spicy flavour is brought to it by sugar and Thai chillies which give the dish the right amount of heat. Finely sliced shallots, garlic, and Thai chillies are fried in a wok along with chicken cubes. The chicken is basically cooked in the chicken stock and the mixed sauce. The dish is given the final touch of flavours by adding a handful of Thai basil at the end and the basil is allowed to cook in the residual heat. The dish is served with rice and fried egg. 

If you are planning to visit Thailand anytime soon, Pad Krapow is a must-include on your bucket list. Don’t worry, you won’t have to search a lot as the lanes of Thailand zing with the aroma of Pad Krapow.