Who would say no to a chocolate biscuit, or wait, is that a cookie? Confusing, right? Let’s unravel this mystery behind these baked goods today.  


The 5 Ws and 1H of Cookies 

Cookies were essentially made to test the temperature of the oven by the chefs. Basically, cake batter was used in smaller amounts to get the appropriate oven temperature to bake a cake. These came to be known as the Dutch Kokje which means small cake in their language.  

Cookies are generally denser and thicker than biscuits. Though both are largely crusty, the cookies have a lot of ingredients stuffed into them, ranging from choco chips, to cream fillings and raisins. Due to this, cookies take a longer time to bake. The dough used for cookies is softer and they are heavier. They also have a lot detailing in terms of frosting, glazing etc.  

Cookies can be easily used to make some delicious desserts like cheesecakes, ice-creams, puddings and tarts.  


The 5 Ws and 1H of Biscuits 

Biscuits are nothing more than baked butter bread. They are generally made of three simple ingredients: flour, butter and sugar. They are derived from the English word bescuit which means cooked twice in Latin.  

You’ll notice that they have a crusty exterior and are generally thinner as compared to cookies. The dough used to bake biscuits is hard and they are fluffier than cookies. Another interesting difference is that while cookies are a sweet thing, biscuits can be both sweet and salty. They are simple with no extensive detailing needed.  

Biscuits are also used in a variety of desserts like choco pies, layering of truffles as well as in puddings.  


So now tell me, do you want a cookie or a biscuit with tea? I guess I’ll have both because no matter what the difference, we love the taste of both worlds.