If you are looking for a quick recipe to make your biryani, then look no further. Takatak biryani comes together in less than 30 minutes. We make use of the microwave to make biryani from scratch.  All you need is to cook the chicken for 15 minutes before mixing the soaked rice, and then cook it all for another 15 minutes.  To make takatak biryani, always use a microwave-safe bowl. We suggest using a lid to cover the bowl when you put the dish in the microwave. 

A microwave can run indefinitely and cook the biryani as per the given time. But if your microwave isn’t working properly, you may face a few hiccups which would increase the cooking time. We do not recommend using the microwave to those who have microwave issues. Not all microwaves can take the load of heat for 30 minutes. 

If the microwave is in working order, your biryani will be ready within 30 minutes, provided that you preheat the microwave for 5 minutes. A lot of microwave ovens will have several buttons on the side, including one which says “Indian cuisine”. On that button, you'll find a list of dishes that you can make. Even if biryani is not mentioned, we're sure that 'chicken' or 'rice' should be on the list.

Microwave cooking is a wonderful option for those people who don’t have a lot of time to cook their food. Here’s a recipe for takatak biryani —  


- 250 grams chicken 

- 1/2 cup ghee 

- 2 chopped onions 

- 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder 

- 1 teaspoon cardamom powder 

- 1 teaspoon red chilli powder 

- 1-2 bay leaves 

- 2-3 green chilis 

- 2 chopped tomatoes 

- 1/2 cup curd 

- 1 cup soaked rice 

- 2 cups water 



  1. In a microwave bowl, add ghee, cinnamon powder, cardamom powder, red chilli powder, bay leaves. Give it a stir.  

  2. Now add tomatoes, chillis and onions. Make sure that they are coated in the spice rub.  

  3. Add curd and chicken. Mix gently.  

  4. Put the bowl in the microwave. Cook for 15 minutes.  

  5. Remove the bowl from the microwave. 

  6. Add rice and water.  

  7. Microwave for another 15 minutes.  


Photo: Laura Lanckriet

Let us know how the biryani turns out in the microwave!