Morocco is a North African country, wholly rich in its heritage, culture and tradition. Having a diverse and ethnically rich tradition, there’s more than just this and, of course, the captivating beauty. Moroccan cuisines, for instance, are regarded to be the most diverse and delicious when compared globally. It's intriguing to know that Moroccan cuisines are a fusion of Moorish and Mediterranean cuisines. With such a diversified blend, the food, of course, has to be delicious. Moroccan cuisines are spicy and aromatic, having a burst of different local flavors and traditional tastes. There’s another unique twist in the way most of them are prepared. A ‘Tagine’ is what is commonly used by Moroccans to make their everyday dishes.  

What exactly is a Tagine?

Tagine is a wide earthen pot or a traditional Moroccan cooking vessel that is round or conical in shape. Tagine plays a significant role in making Moroccan cuisines and delicacies, without which every dish feels incomplete. This traditional cookware combines all the flavorful ingredients that bring out the unique taste that distinguishes Moroccan cuisines from other countries. Any dish prepared in tagine approximately takes 30- 60 minutes, but the result is satisfactory and ultimately brings out super, unforgettable richness to the dishes.

How to use tagine?

It's pretty simple to use a tagine at home. The first and the foremost step requires layering vegetables placed together across the base. Since all Moroccan cuisines are prepared in rich olive oil, one needs to add olive oil. If you’re cooking a non-vegetarian dish, arrange the beef, lamb, meat or anything you’re using in the center. Lastly, season and garnish with spices, onion, coriander leaves, herbs and more. After placing and setting your food ideally, cover with a lid and let it cook.

What food can you make in a tagine?

It is ideal for preparing any vegetable dish. Usually, in Morocco, the non-vegetarian dishes include lamb, beef, meat, stew, fish and chicken etc. Chicken in a tagine is a Moroccan specialty.

Tagines are now even readily available in India so buy one quickly as they would help enrich your daily dishes with bursts of flavors and aroma.