There is no denying the fact that we Indians love a delightful cup of tea. In every Indian household this is a quintessential beverage that is needed to kick-start the mornings and sometimes end the day too. There is an array of chai options that is offered by our country and every region has a local specialty. While we always love a classic piping hot cup of tea, revamping it a bit can bring more flavours to it. For instance, lemon iced tea is a perfect enticing beverage for the summer. It will surely rejuvenate you with its heavenly taste. Tea always has a peculiar power to instantly lift our mood with its energy booster properties. And combining it further with lemon will easily increase its flavour and potency to tenfold. Additionally, this drink will not only keep you energized throughout the day but will also boost your immunity with its antioxidant properties, which is much needed in this sweltering weather. Making lemon iced tea is quite simple. All you need is regular tea of your choice, ice, water, sugar and a dash of zesty lemon. This drink can be rustled up in a few minutes without any hassle. You only need to take care of the proportion of the lemon juice to be added to the tea so that it doesn’t turn out very strong and sour. Here’s the recipe for refreshing lemon iced tea.


  • 4-5 cups water
  • 2 tbsp black tea leaves
  • ½ cup granulated sugar (preferable)
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice or as required
  • 3-4 ice cubes
  • 2 thin lemon slices, garnish (optional)


1. In a saucepan pour water. Let it boil for a couple of minutes on medium-high flame.

2. Once it comes to boil, turn off the flame. Add the black tea leaves. Mix it well with a spoon.

3. Then add sugar and stir it well until the sugar dissolves completely.

4. Keep it aside for 4-5 minutes. Then add the lemon juice and stir it continuously for a couple of minutes.

5. Strain the lemon tea in a glass or any container which can take the heat.

6. Refrigerate it for some time.

7. Once it cools down, take it out. In a glass add the ice cubes and pour the chilled lemon tea into it.

8. Lastly, garnish it with lemon slices.

Your zesty lemon iced tea is ready. Start slurping.