Dandelion tea is often brewed at the base of the plant, but the stems, leaves, and the entire plant can is also edible. Due to its dark color, it can also be referred to as dandelion coffee.

Drinking dandelion tea probably has more health benefits than you know. Here they are: 

Improves liver health

Dandelion's antioxidants, such as vitamin C and luteolin, ensure optimal and smooth liver function. It protects the liver from aging, and other dandelion compounds help with liver bleeding. Dandelion also helps maintain the normal flow of bile in the body. It also helps to stimulate liver function and maintain normal digestion. This tea also cures jaundice.

Good for detox

The liver is an important organ for filtering and detoxifying the blood, so anything should be considered healthy which can improve liver health and reduce the risk of liver disease. Dandelion has been shown to improve liver function by removing toxins from the liver and restoring fluid and electrolyte balance. It also increases the production and secretion of bile.

Helps in urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Dandelion tea has natural diuretic properties. Thus, they help to eliminate the deposits of toxic substances in the kidneys and urinary tract. The combination of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties makes dandelion tea suitable for fighting infections of all kinds. 

Diminishes diabetes 

Dandelion tea or juice helps stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin in the body. Dandelion maintains blood sugar levels. Dandelion is also known to increase the flow of urine in the body. Therefore, since dandelion is a natural diuretic, it increases urination in diabetics. It also helps the patient to remove excess sugar from the body.

Start drinking a cup of roasted dandelion root tea daily to give your body every possible benefit it needs.