Sparkling water is a refreshing drink that can be used as an alternative to sweet drinks. The carbonated process makes it similar to soft drinks, but with fewer calories. Carbonated water is advertised as a zero-calorie alternative to soda.

Is sparkling water acidic?

Drinking sparkling water does not mean that your body is exposed to more acid. Carbon dioxide and water react chemically to form carbonic acid, a weak acid form. Drinking it creates a sharp soda feeling, which is quite refreshing. The pH of carbonated water is 3.34-4, so it is slightly acidic. Overall, carbonated water is safe to drink and can potentially benefit your health.

Is sparkling water helpful in losing weight? 

One of the reasons that sparkling water is so popular is that drinking carbonated water on an empty stomach is much more satiating than consuming plain water. This is because carbonation takes up more space in the stomach and would increase both gastric activity and heart rate, which can contribute to a feeling of fullness. While it probably doesn't affect your feeling of fullness much over the course of a day, sparkling water may be enough to help you avoid unplanned meals unless it is not necessary.

Let’s bust a myth: Is sparkling water bad for teeth?

There is no proof that sparkling water can erode teeth. Beverages with a pH below 4 are considered potentially harmful to teeth. According to the American Dental Association, beverages such as soda, fruit juice and sports drinks are the leading cause of tooth decay in children and adolescents. If you drink a lot of sparkling water ( containing sugar ), the acidity in it may damage your teeth.

Caution: Always check the label before buying a bottle of sparkling water. Avoid sparkling water that contains artificial sugar or sugar content.