Crispy veggies tossed in aromatic rice- what do you call it? Is it a biryani or is it a pulao? Biryani is one of the dishes which is enjoyed by everyone across the country for its piquant flavours. From Lucknowi mutton biryani to Hyderabadi biryani- each kind of biryani has a unique characteristic of its own. The one thing that most biryani-lovers agree on is that ‘veg-biryani’ shouldn’t be considered as biryani. Since, the dish does not contain the staple ingredient- meat which is accompanied in every sapid recipe of biryani. The debate worked up the Twitterati yet again when the actor-philanthropist Sonu Sood posted a tweet about veg biryani. Let’s take a look at the post that Sonu Sood shared on Twitter with his 8.3 million followers:

The tweet came after the ‘Dabangg’ actor met with Telangana minister K.T. Rama Rao at his office at Pragati Bhavan. The latter was honored for his philanthropic work during the pandemic. Sood was presented with a shawl and a plaque for his altruistic acts by the minister. According to the tweet it seemed that the duo had indulged in some delicious ‘veg biryani’ together for lunch. "Thank you so much brother for treating me with the world's best veg biryani. Now I can officially say, 'You are the best host in Telangana'. Love you loads," wrote Sonu Sood. This was a response to the tweet which the minister wrote earlier that day, praising him for his humanitarian efforts.  

Sonu Sood's tweet about the world's ‘best veg biryani’, stirred up some reactions among the netizens. Some felt veg biryani was not even a dish to even begin with, while the others invited him to try the biryani from their regions. The debate proved yet again that Desis are very passionate about their plate of biryani.

You can have a look at some of the reactions here.