Snakebite is a shining, bright colored alcoholic drink that hails from the United Kingdom. We are well aware that a wide collection of splendid options are available when it comes to alcoholic beverages. But believe us, snakebite, a classic British alcoholic beverage, is altogether a unique and pleasant drink, that one should try once. The strong, boozy flavor is sure to lift up your mood, no matter what the occasion is. As far as the taste is concerned, it's a bit stiff, tart and also fruity. The fruity flavor comes from ‘cider’ which is made from the fermented juice of apples. However, the drink is traditionally made by pouring equal portions of lager and cider into a pint glass. Lager for instance, is a light-colored fermented beer. Since the drink has an high alcohol content, one can get carried away easily so it's always advisable to drink wisely. Moreover, snakebite is typically served without ice cubes unlike many other beverages out there. In the United Kingdom, according to the variations the drink is regarded and known by various names accordingly.   

Come and learn how to make this alcoholic beverage with us with just two ingredients. A drink that not only refreshes your soul and mood but also makes you feel a little bit tipsy.

Ingredients -  

  1. 30ml lager 
  2. 30ml cider 
  3. Lemon wedges (for garnishing) 

Method for preparation- 

  1. Take a pint glass and directly pour an equal mix of lager and cider. 
  2. Give it a gentle stir or a shake. 
  3. Snakebite is ready. Top it off with a lemon wedge or cherries. 
  4. Cheers! Relish it with family or friends. 

This is our go-to alcoholic drink at parties. What's yours? Let us know!