If you follow Anushka Sen on social media, you would agree that the eighteen-year-old is a trailblazer. At such tender age, she has been a face of many blockbuster shows and soap operas like Baalveer and Khoob Ladi Mardaani -Jhansi Ki Rani.  She also became the youngest contestant to participate in the stunt-based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi. When she is not under the spotlight, she enjoys creating content for her social media. Sen has been roped in for the Snapchat Exclusive show called “What’s On My Plate”. In the show, the actor takes her followers to her kitchen, where she cooks and participates in fascinating food challenges. Her friends and family also make special appearance on the show.

We caught up with the actress for an exclusive tete-a-tete.  

Q. Tell us a bit about your show on Snapchat

The show that we're doing with Snapchat is called ‘What’s On My Plate’. It is  a unique and simple concept made for Snapchat's mobile-first audience. In this show, for the first time, people will watch me in the kitchen making some delicious food. It is a cooking show but with a twist. You will see me making my favorite dishes, whilst taking on a series of cooking challenges set by the ‘Food Wheel’ Snapchat Lens. In addition to this, each and every dish will be tried by my friends and family who will also rate my creations.

Q. You are so young when did you start cooking?

I am a fan of my mother’s cooking and at the back of my mind was always keen to explore it myself. The pandemic made us creative, we started exploring activities we have never done before. During the lockdown phase, I took up cooking as a hobby and discovered that I was actually good at it! When I was sharing recipes and dishes with my followers, the reception was  positive, so I thought having my own cooking show would be a fun concept to explore. In What’s On My Plate, every week I’ll be taking up the challenge of cooking dishes, we all know and love. The twists and surprises make the show more exciting.

Q. Do you remember the first dish you made, or the first dish that you made and were proud of?

The dish that I am proud of has to be Palak Paneer. In the show, as a part of a challenge I got a chance to try my hands on my favorite dish, a dish that is close to my heart and no one makes it better than my mom. I was quite nervous because I was cooking the dish for mom for the first time and I was relieved when I saw that she truly loved it. My mom's reaction after taking that first bite was everything to me.

Q. How often do you cook for other people?

Sometimes for my friends and Mom & Dad. I generally make White Pasta for them and fortunately, they love my cooking.

Q. If you had to go on a dinner date with your favourite celebrity, who would it be and what would you cook?

It will be no other than Shahrukh Khan. And I will try to cook Mutton Biryani for him.

Q. Three things that we will always find in your kitchen?

That would be Nutella, Cream & Pasta

Q. One healthy ingredient or a superfood that you have grown fond of recently?

Greek Salad, I got to know about its healthy aspects quite recently and also, I loved the taste. I was having it daily during my Khatron Ke Khiladi shoot.

Q. A healthy eating tip that changed your life?

Eating fruits with yogurt in the morning. Again, I am following a KKK daily routine here also. I did alter my diet to suit the action-packed show and I have no complaints so far.  

Q. How would you rate yourself as a cook on a scale of one to ten?

May be a 7.

Q. A recipe you desperately want to learn?

Mutton Dum Biryani as this is one of my favorite foods.