Balancing a delicious meal with our diet plans is one that perhaps every dieter struggles with! Don’t you have those days when you simply want to eat whatever you want and gain no extra calorie? It seems like your dream can come true on some days! Thanks to Shirataki noodles, dieters can binge guilt-free on the Asian delicacy without gaining even a single calorie. You heard that right. If you too love to nosh upon Asian cuisine, Shirataki noodles could be your saviour in a diet full of bland meals! Made from konjac yam rich in glucomannan fibre, Shirataki is a Japanese name for 'white waterfall and looks exactly like one- long and translucent. 

But what has made the world of health and nutrition stand up and take notice is its nutritional profile. As per USDA, the flour of these noodles is made out of glucomannan and contains about 3% fibre and 97% water, making it low on calories! Aren’t you already on your way to buy these for your weight loss diet? If not, here are 3 more benefits of adding Shirataki noodles to your diet:


1. Manages Blood Sugar Levels 

As per various studies and journals, the fibre in glucomannan slows down the sugar absorption in the bloodstream, maintaining normal blood sugar levels while averting sudden spikes.  

2. Gut Health 

Many health experts and nutritionists recommend adding probiotics to our diet to maintain good gut health. Not to be confused with probiotics, prebiotics actually promotes of good bacteria, which means prebiotic foods feeds the good bacteria in the digestive tract, acting as a fuel source to promote better gut health. And the good news is, Shirataki noodles are prebiotic! 

3. Lowers Cholesterol 

The fibre-rich Shirataki aids in reducing cholesterol as the fibre in it seems to have many cholesterol-lowering properties and reduces bad LDL cholesterol.  

Besides managing weight loss, blood sugar and cholesterol, Shirataki noodles seem to be highly versatile. So go on, try it at home and share your experience with us!