Ladoo is a quintessential Indian sweet that is relished not only during festivals and special occasions but even on casual days when you are craving something sweet and light for your tummy. If ladoos are close to your heart, we recommend you try coconut ladoos. They can not only satiate your post-meal cravings but are good for health too if eaten in moderation.

In addition, they’re light and therefore you can have them without worrying about your digestive system. To make these wholesome ladoos you require only five ingredients. You can make them easily at home whenever boredom strikes. Also, Ganesh Chaturthi is approaching soon, and what can be better than to make coconut ladoos just before this festivity? 

Coconut ladoos are an ideal pick for everyone because they’re not overly sweet and are made with the perfect balance of healthy and flavorful ingredients. Read on to know how to make instant coconut ladoos within the comfort of your home. 


  1. 1 cup grated coconut
  2. ¾ cup sugar powder
  3. Pinch of cardamom powder 
  4. 2 -3 tablespoon cream/ malai/ milkmaid
  5. Roasted nuts

Steps in the making- 

  1. Take a pan and let it heat. Add sugar and cream.
  2. Also, add grated coconut and a pinch of cardamom powder. Mix them nicely.
  3. Keep stirring and cook the mixture well for at least 10 minutes or until you see a thick mixture is ready for ladoos, free of lumps. Pour some crushed roasted nuts into the mixture. 
  4. Let the mixture cool down and then transfer it to a big plate.
  5. Grease your hands with some oil/ ghee and start taking small portions of the mixture to start making the ladoos.
  6. Start making small round-shaped ladoos by rolling the mixture into balls between your palms. 
  7. After they're ready, refrigerate the ladoos for 3-4 hours and then store them in an airtight container or jar.

Relish coconut ladoos with family and friends. Happy cooking!