If you are someone who is new to the whiskey club, you are bound to be confused about its types and variations. And we don’t blame you, the gentleman's drink is actually more complex than any other alcohol. And the biggest dilemma that has everyone wondering is- are scotch and whiskey the same? Well, yes AND no. Scotch is whiskey but not all whiskey can be scotch. And what’s more noticeable is that special type of whiskey is really spelled “whisky.” Confused? We got you covered.  

Let’s begin with the basics: Whiskey is a broad category of distilled liquor made by fermenting grain mash: anything from wheat, rye, barley or corn. It’s then aged in wooden barrels, which are usually made of oak. Under this, there are many types of whiskeys based on the country of origin and technique of production. This includes Bourbon, which is American, Rye whiskey, which can be American or Canadian, Irish whiskey, Scotch, or Japanese whisky. Now while whiskey is the correct spelling for American and Irish-made whiskey, ‘whisky’ on the other hand is the spelling for the Canadian, Japanese, and Scottish versions of the liquor.

Talking about scotch, it is a whisky made entirely in Scotland, from either barley or a mix of other grains. A whisky cannot be called scotch unless it is entirely produced and bottled in Scotland. It has a distinctive smoky flavour which it gets when the grain is malted and then heated over a peat fire. There are types of Scotch as well. Out of all, the most common types include single malt scotch, which is from one distillery from a mash of malted barley. The other is blended scotch which is basically a blend of two types of whisky: barrel-aged malt whisky and grain whisky.

To get it straight, whiskey is a head category of distilled liquor while scotch is the Scottish version of whiskey; whisky, which is entirely made in the country of unicorns- Scotland. And now if you are thinking what all cocktails can be made from it, we’ve got you sorted for that too!

Here are four of the best Scotch and Whiskey cocktails you can try over the weekend:

1. Whiskey Sour  

2. Manhattan

3. Rob Roy

4. Penicillin