That’s how underrated the ingredient has been. But over the years, people have realized its immense health benefits and given it the due credit and recognition it deserves.   

What is Sattu? 

It is simply like any other flour, such as wheat, barley, etc. It is available in the market but can also be prepared at home by roasting the gram and then grinding it. It is very simple to make and offers a range of benefits.   

What are the different ways to consume Sattu?  

In places like Bihar, Sattu is combined with wheat and jowar atta and used in making Rotis. It is also used to make regional dishes like Litti. You’ll find people enjoying Sattu porridge, paranthas and Upmas in various parts of the country.   

What’s so special about the Sattu Sharbat/Drink?  

Ditch the squashes and other sugary drinks and start drinking Sattu ka Sharbat that is filled with nutrients. Not only is it a wholesome meal that keeps you full for longer and prevents dehydration in summers, but it is also a superfood that is rich in iron, magnesium, protein, and manganese. These make it great for digestion and also the healthiest energy drink for summers.   

How can you prepare Sattu Ka Sharbat at home?  

  • Take some lime juice, Sattu in a jar.  
  • Add spices like cumin powder and black salt.  
  • You can also add some raw mango for taste.  
  • Add some water and mix it well  
  • Pour in some ice cubes and serve chilled with a garnish of mint sprigs and some green chilies if you like.  

Alternatively, you can also make a sweet drink by adding Sattu powder in a glass of milk with some sugar or jaggery. This is a great breakfast drink for you.