While Connaught Place seems to have a plethora of famous paan joints, they have a widespread network throughout the city. Eating paan after a meal gives that perfect dessert vibe. Infact, did you know the tradition of serving paan to guests started during the time of kings and since then, it is a symbolic mark of Indian hospitality and courtesy.  

We bring to you some of the best paans you should try in Delhi.  

1. Fire Paan  

            Credits: CGTN

Whenever you think of exotic paan, this one tops the list. Popular for the way it is served, a fire paan is like any normal sweet paan with gulkand and peppermint brass. This is the reason why it catches fire and gives you the Fear Factor vibes.  

Where: Odeon Shukla Paan, Opp. Odeon Cinema, CP 

2. Honeymoon Paan  

Are you single? Well, not to worry because this paan shop doesn't sell paans based on marriage certificates. Apart from a quirky paan name, this paan is nothing short of a royal feast. Wrapped in gold, it comes with a generous filling of dry fruits, nuts etc. Oh, also they’ve got a great paan chaat that is a combination of all flavours. Order this when you can’t decide on one! 

Where: Prince Paan, M Block Market, GK 1 

3. Gold Paan  

Another paan with a royal affair is the tray of a Gold paan. Keep guessing if you’re having real gold or not. But that’s not it. You will find over 41 varieties of paan, from chocolate to meetha and saadha, just to suit your taste.  

Where: Yamu’s Panchayat, CP 

If you haven’t tried these paans yet, are you even a real paan lover?