Most of us have grown up with Rotis being the staple food in our diet and there is no denying it. Though not treated as very important by themselves, but their absence on our dinner table does leave a mark. This flatbread is mostly accompanied with various dals and sabzis but sometimes eating the same thing again and again can leave us grumpy since our tummy demands something new every day. So, why not add a pinch of creativity to your chapatis and turn them into lip-smacking delights that are hard to turn down. Something like a makeover! 

So, without much ado let’s look at some ideas

Roti Noodles

A fusion of cuisine can never go wrong and Indochinese delights is the best combo that one can ever ask for. This recipe demands to cut the rotis into strips and then stir fry with various vegetables and sauces similar to the ones you use traditional Chinese rice and noodles

Chapati Chips

We Indians, love spicy food and Mexican food is not far removed from our palate and preferences. This tortilla-roti recipe requires only 3 ingredients that are roti, chaat masala and oil. All we need to do is cut the roti into wedges or strips, deep fry them and sprinkle the seasoning. Tip – eat this with raita the Indian version of salsa.

Roti Pizza

Pizza without doubt is a favorite snack adored by everyone. And when it becomes healthy what is better than that, right? It is a simple recipe where the rotis become the pizza base and toppings like tomato sauce, grated mozzarella, onion and capsicum are spread on it with a little sprinkle of oregano and chili flakes. Put this ensemble in a pan and covering it with the lid to cook till the cheese melts and roti become slightly crisp.

Roti-Choor Recipe 

Typically, a  motichoor ladoo  requires a lot of effort when you are making them from scratch but this sugary treat is one of the most effortless treats that you can rustle up in few minutes. Crumble the rotis coarsely and stir fry them with ghee, jaggery syrup, dry fruits and nuts. This recipe can easily become your mid-morning snack.

Who thought Rotis can be the ultimate savior for our hunger pangs in this way