Whenever someone says anything about technology, Japan comes first in our minds. Japanese people are not only innovative in technology and their cuisine but are also ingenious when it comes to themed and concept cafes. Today we are going to pick some of the best cafes in the capital of Japan. Yes, you read it right, Tokyo has a lot to offer for the foodie travellers. 

Tokyo is the largest city in Japan for a reason. It has a number of restaurants and cafes that can leave you mesmerised. Here are some of the best ones you can only find in Tokyo. 

Christon Café

Christon Café, as the name suggests, is a Catholic restaurant. Being Japan's most famous concept cafe, Christon Café does everything to inspire its visitors. They have collected Catholic antiques from Europe and South America and sent them back to Japan. Did you know that the original Christon Café is located in Osaka only but its popularity has led to the opening of two places in Tokyo.

Penguin Bar

Penguin Bar is the only unique place to meet cute penguins. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of drinks ( both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ) and a variety of snacks and sweets while watching the cute penguins.

Vampire Café

One of the most famous vampire cafes in Tokyo. Not only is the dining room decorated and the waitresses dressed in Gothic motifs, but the different dishes are also absolutely unique and dazzling.

Kotori Cafe Ueno

It is a small bird cafe that hosts eight different bird species. You can sit and watch the birds while enjoying your snacks. In this cafe, there’s a window that separates the cafe and the birdhouse. 

Kawaii Monster Cafe

In this cafe, you will enter through the mouth of a bespectacled monster and are immediately greeted by a merry-go-round of large jellies, chocolates, cookies and other sweets. From here you can choose from four different dining rooms. 

It would be a crime if you came to Tokyo and did not enjoy its famous cafes. Check them out whenever you are in this eastern capital.