Rikwach is a snack dish made using arbi or colocasia leaves. Also known Arikanchan, arbi patta pakora is simple and healthy. It is famous in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Maharashtra. The size of arbi leaves serves the purpose of rolling it and the dish is steamed. The bite-size shape is given later by slicing the roles and is served with coriander chutneys. While many don't know that arbi leaves are edible, this remains one of the most delicious pakoras in Indian cuisine. If you're someone who finds the idea of a plate of pakora on a rainy evening fascinating, then you must try this dish.

How is it made?

The recipe of Rikwach involves basic ingredients which are present in every kitchen. The main two ingredients are besan (gram flour) and the leaves of colocasia. Apart from that, turmeric, chilli, cumin, lemon, salt and water are all that's needed. Besan and other ingredients are mixed to make a paste. This paste is used to give thin layers between the leaves in the roll. Four to five leaves in each roll are enough. Then it is packed using thread, steamed and served with chutney. Many times, urad dal is also used for this dish. One can also turn this snack into a dish for a meal alongside rice. For that, it is soaked in gravy and turned into a curry-like dish.

How is it different?

If you're not a person who likes pakora, we know oil is the reason. Pakoras are incomplete without that. Well, Rikwach is a very healthy option to opt for. This authentic regional recipe is free of harmful fat and therefore considered healthy.  On the other hand, arbi leaves are not only tasty but extremely good for health too. Try this easy-to-make delicious pakore at your home and enjoy the monsoon.