Lying close to the middle belt of the country, Chhattisgarh has always been professed as the land of tribal communities. From the Chitrakoot Falls to the huge carvings at a famous Laxman temple, this state is replete with well-preserved culture and architecture. These primitive communities have their own set of rituals and customs. Their way of life is very different from the mainstream population but one thing that is common is the food. Living amidst nature, oblivious of the world outside, they believe in eating what is available around them i.e. the nature’s offering. 

Here are some lesser-known delicacies from Chhattisgarh which are worth a try. 

1. Dubki Kadhi 

The dish has been given such a name because of the way gram-flour dumplings are dipped in curd-based gravy. The dumplings are tempered with curd, lending it a distinct taste. A lunch plate in Chhattisgarh would usually comprise of this Dubki Kadhi. Quite similar to our traditional kadhi preparations, the local variations of adding bhindi, arbi and the like, have evolved the dish in many ways. 

2. Bafauri 

Love pakoras? We bet you would like bafauri too. These are similar to our traditional pakoras minus the oil. The batter for the fritters is made with chana dal, which are then steamed instead of fried. That’s how piping hot healthy snacks are ready!

3.  Aamat 

Indian regional cuisines are replete with curries and gravies. Aamat is to Chhattisgarh what Sambhar is to South India. Hailing from the Bastar cuisine, this tangy and spicy lentil-based curry is prepared using a special technique. Lots of vegetables are cooked in a pot with the help of bamboo shoots. This traditional method is what makes the aamat so aromatic and nutritious at the same time. 

4. Faraa

We all are well-aware of the phenomenon of momos. Think of faraa as a traditional version of our momos. Besan is used as the main stuffing, which is spruced up with coriander and chillies. This mixture is soaked overnight before filling it into the rice flour dumplings. Steam them and they are ready to be eaten. 

5. Muthia 

Muthia is like a snacking item but one that keeps you full for long. A favourite in the rural areas, it is essentially made with rice flour, along with some spices and coriander. The locals often relish it for breakfast in Chhattisgarh. 

6. Suran 

During the time of Diwali, you would find the aroma of suran curry reaching the streets as you pass by homes. The elephant foot yam is prepared in the form of a flavourful and nutritious curry that can be enjoyed with rice. 

Little did we know that this remote region has so many similarities with the rest of the cuisines.