A cake is one dessert which is a perfect way to satiate our sugar cravings in a matter of seconds. But above everything, a cake is associated with all things happy and celebratory too, right?  While there are many interesting cake recipes out there, one classic cake that never fails to impress us is the carrot cake. Usually topped with a cream cheese frosting, the grated carrots and crunchy nuts inside always manage to make us drool. But quite contradictory to how we perceive cakes, an interesting and apparently famous recipe for 'Divorce' carrot cake went viral on Reddit. The recipe is said to be approximately 30 years old and has an interesting story behind it.  

The famous 'Divorce carrot cake' recipe was shared in the sub-Reddit r/Old_Recipes by user u/spider_hugs. Explaining the interesting back story behind the name of the cake on the post, he said that his father loved his mother's carrot cake recipe so much that he asked him to make the same cake for him even though the couple had been divorced 20 years ago. He wrote "Divorce Carrot Cake- this was my mom's recipe. Named so because my dad sheepishly asked me to make it for his birthday, despite the fact they've been divorced for over 20 years. Use a cream cheese frosting," Take a look at the post:

The Divorce Carrot cake recipe looks quite interesting as it uses some not-so-common ingredients including coconut and pineapple. "This recipe is an old one from my mother (I think from the 70s)." wrote the user u/spider_hugs in the comments. He further explained the texture and method to bake the cake and said it's a very moist cake from the crushed pineapple and the balance from the cream cheese frosting gives it a nice tang. He also suggested adding some lemon juice in the cream cheese frosting. As for the detailed cream cheese frosting recipe, the user shared another post.

The post soon went viral after being archived with 100% upvotes and multiple discussions in other Reddit groups. Another Reddit user u/moopsworth shared a picture of the famous Divorce Carrot cake and wrote, "Carrot cake is my father's favourite cake, and he's also twice divorced, so I figured I'd make him the famous Divorce Carrot Cake for Father's Day! He hasn't tried it yet, but he loves the story behind it!". The user u/spider_hugs who posted the original recipe commented on the post as well and wrote “I hope he enjoys it as much as my dad does!”

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