Weight loss journey can be quite tough, when you are living in an Indian household where almost everything is made from oil and ghee. And things really worse, when you are craving for something, and you can only find limited options of snacks which are healthy to eat. A heavy, oily, or calorie-rich food can not only sabotage your weight loss plans but also lead to poor digestion and bloating. So, if you are looking for a food item that is extremely rich in fibre with less complex carbohydrates and is very light on the stomach, then corn is just the right option for you. Aside from being amazing to eat, corn is full of carotenoids, which are responsible for the veggies’ yellow pigment and also ensure steady inflow of antioxidants in the body. Consuming corn in an adequate amount can surely aid your weight loss efforts.

That’s why we bring you the corn-chaat which is one of the easiest, delicious and wholesome snack that is loaded with generous amount of minerals and nutrients. That will surely satiate you without expanding your waistline.

Corn-Chaat Recipe


1 cup of boiled sweet corn

½ cup of onion chopped

1 cup of tomato chopped

1 whole cucumber chopped

2 nos green chili chopped

2 tsp lemon juice

½ tsp of black pepper powder

½ tsp of red chili powder

Salt to taste


Mix all the ingredients in the given order, and adjust the seasonings according to your preference. That’s it, your mouth-watering healthy chaat is ready.

Health Benefits Of This Chat

Corn mixed with tomato and cucumber provides various antioxidants with vitamins B and C, that has shown to elevate mood, and counteract the stress hormones that trigger the storage of belly fat. The various spices in the mixture, helps the body fight against infections such as common cold and flu besides maintaining the body weight.

This corn-chaat can easily become your go-to snack when you are craving for something light and healthy.