Ghewar is a traditional Rajasthani sweet dish or mithai that is popular across North and West India. The disc-shaped Indian mithai is often consumed during festivals like Teej, Makar Sankranti, or Rakhsha Bandhan. The ghewar is made from maida or besan and topped with a layer of malai, meva, rabri and sprinkled with some dry fruits or nuts.

Why is explicitly Ghewar associated with Teej? Here is the answer

Savan is associated with Lord Shiva and the union with Parvati as they are considered an eternal pair of love. So is ghewar sent by parents to married daughters as a  blessing and sign of happiness. So, here are five types of ghewar that you must try with your loved ones.

1. Malai Ghewar

The malai ghewar is one of the most popular types of ghewar. It is topped with big thick malai, which gives a soft texture and semi-crispy taste in each bite. Cardamom powder and saffron are the two main ingredients mixed with malai ghewar for a peculiar flavour and aroma.

2. Chocolate Ghewar

Are you a chocolate lover? Then it would be best if you gave a try to this chocolate ghewar. Cocoa powder is added while making ghewar, which provides a brown color and a taste of chocolate in the base. It is garnished with chocolate sauce, nuts or raisins. So enjoy this traditional mithai with a twist of chocolate.

3. Bihari Ghewar

This looks like a combination of jalebi and ghewar and is famous in the Bihari and Sindhi cuisine. This is also called "gheehar" and looks like a large jalebi. The preparation is with maida, ghee, curd, and food colors. It is fried in ghee, soaked in the sugar syrup, and then garnished with rose pates, saffron, and dry fruits.

4. Rabdi Ghewar

Rabdi is itself a standalone dessert in Indian mithai. It is poured on a ghewar base with pistachios, almonds, and other nuts. The rabdi is made up of condensed milk, saffron, jaggery, and other sweet ingredients. It looks rich, creamy, and delicious and is perfect as a gifting option.

5. Ghewar Cake

This topping is new; maybe you have never heard of this. Ghewar is nowadays topped with the cake frosting, and it becomes like a ghewar cake. Then, sugar syrup is added as heavy cream and topped up with fresh strawberries and dry nuts. This is perfect for giving someone as their birthday cake.