Love a strong cup of tea? You’re not alone. A sip of tea is a must for every chai lover because it relaxes the mind like no other. At any given point in a day, you can peek outside the window to catch a glimpse of a next-door neighbour or familiar acquaintance sipping on a steaming earthen cup filled with “masala chai,” a preparation made famous by street vendors for their liberal use of milk and grated ginger (for freshness). 

It is not surprising then, that India is one of the world’s biggest tea producers. The famous Darjeeling tea is made from the Chinese variety of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. It is a thin, light-colored tea with a floral aroma. The tea plant, like most, goes through periods of growth and periods of dormancy.This variant is considered to be of premium quality for its unique taste, colour and aroma. 

The world’s tea market was worth $38.8 billion in 2013 and has only proportionately grown since, making tea not only an everyman’s go-to drink, but also an economically profitable industry to invest in. 

While your tea brews, take your turn to test your knowledge about your cuppa. 

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