Whether you're an alfredo aficionado or a marinara mogul, the secret behind a good ‘ole pasta is cheese, a little more cheese, and then some. The word pasta actually has its origins in Greek and Latin, literally meaning "barley porridge", and "dough pastry cake" respectively. 

You'll be surprised to know that the iconic combination of pasta and tomatoes came into being only after 1519, when tomatoes began getting imported into European countries from Mexico. In fact, Thomas Jefferson (the third president of the United States) is often credited with being the first person to introduce pasta to America, that too way back in 1789. 

Easily the most popular global dish, the pasta has over 600 varieties worldwide that come in all shapes and sizes. The three most popular pasta dishes are spaghetti bolognese, macaroni & cheese, and lasagna. 

Want a cheat sheet on pasta facts for a handy reference? This quiz will evaluate whether you're a real lover or just an ‘impasta.’  

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