Cakes are always the solution for gloomy breakups and sudden fights with besties. The perfect add-on to a weekend binge-a-thon on romcoms, cakes are the one-stop solution to happiness. The structural origin of cakes was rather a bland one as compared to the intricate wonders that present-day bakeries whip up in hours. Initially resembling a sweetened bread doused in honey and dry fruits, cakes eventually took its circular form in 17th century England. 

The term ‘cake’ owes its roots to the Old Norse term Kaka, while the Greeks referred to them as “plakous”, derived from the word for ‘flat’. 

If you are conveniently wolfing half-pounders (filled with double truffle filling and chocolate icing) without a smidgeon of guilt, you ought to take this quiz to test your true love for cakes. 

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