If you’re a paneer lover, then this one’s for you. Whether or not you are a vegetarian or vegan, paneer is a staple product in most of our households. Tossed in tomato gravy or batter-fried, paneer is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. 

There are many theories surrounding the origin of paneer. Some say it was invented during the Vedic age. Others believe it was brought to India by Iranian and Afghan travellers. 

Many paneer recipes in Indian cuisine find their roots in the Mughal era. One such popular recipe is “Shahi Paneer”. It is believed that Shahi Paneer was one of the most favourite paneer preparations of Mughal emperors, and thus was served every year to commemorate the inauguration of Taj Mahal. 


In many parts of India, including West Bengal, a version of this cottage cheese called ‘chhenna’ is used in making sweets like Rasgulla, Chamcham and Mohanbhog.

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