Rice is a staple food for many countries around the world. Mexican cuisine being one of them has a plethora of dishes that has rice as the core ingredient. With the rise of globalization, we are able to enjoy various dishes in the comfort of our own home. The growing popularity of Mexican food fits right with the Indian palate because of its wide composition of spices and herbs which makes every dish toothsome. Fried rice is a mouth-watering dish that is enjoyed by everyone for its simple yet delicate flavours. Mexican rice is also another variation to it which is composed of delightful flavours in one single pot.

The Mexican rice is prepared using white rice which is peppered with garlic, jalapeno and tomato sauce. In this recipe, chicken broth is also used to make it extra flavourful, if you want it to be a vegetarian dish you can also use the vegetarian stock. Mexican flavours have a tantalizing heat to it which makes it a delicious dish that is adored by everyone. This recipe can be prepared quickly with just a handful of ingredients. The simplicity of the dish makes it extra flavourful. The rice is simply tossed with a few seasonings of spices and sauces with an enticing broth which gives the dish its rich edge over many other rice dishes. Since this recipe of Mexican rice doesn’t incorporate a gamut of vegetables you can actually store this food for up to three-four days. Moreover, you can also freeze the dish for three months by storing it in a freezer-safe container. So, whenever you are craving for something fulfilling you just have to take out your Mexican rice and microwave it for a couple of seconds to satiate your hunger pangs. Here’s the recipe for the Mexican rice that you can make in a jiffy.