Can we ever get tired of the delightful Italian cuisine? Well, we know we can't! Pizza, pasta, bruschetta, risotto, carbonara, ravioli are just a few of the dishes that we just love more than anything else. Copious amount of cheese oozing out with every scrumptious bite of pasta always leaves us wanting more. And to add to the list we bring you lasagna, which is another tantalizing dish, traditionally made with neatly stacked sheets of pasta alternating with delicious sauces along with cheese, veggies or meat. Though it may take a couple of minutes more than your regular pasta, this sapid dish is totally worth it. And guess what you do not even need to go hunting for pasta sheets, you can recreate the same magic with a few slices of bread! Intrigued, much? Wait till you try it yourself

So, here’s the recipe of an easy homemade vegetarian lasagna recipe:


10 Bread Slices, thinly rolled with rolling pin

1 Cup Grated Cheese

2 Tbsp Cheese spread

3-4 tbsp oil

1 Cup Green Capsicum, chopped

1 Cup Boiled Corn

1 Cup Tomato Puree

1 cup Onion, chopped

4 Tbsp Tomato Sauce

2 Tbsp Chili Sauce

Butter as per requirement

Chili Flakes


2 tbsp Black Pepper

Salt to taste.

Preparation of Veggies

1. Put oil in a non-stick pan and heat it over medium-flame. When the oil is hot enough, lower the flame and add onions, green capsicums and corn. Sauté the mixture well until onions become translucent.

2. Add the tomato puree to the mixture and let it cook for 5-6 minutes. After that add salt, pepper, chili sauce and tomato sauce. Stir the mixture for a couple of minutes more. Make sure all the ingredients are thoroughly cooked. If needed you can add 2-3 tbsp of water.

3. After this add chili flakes and oregano and stir the mixture for 1-2 mins.

4. Turn the flame off and keep it aside.

Preparation of Lasagna

1. Spread butter and tomato sauce on the bottom of a dish. Then put the layer of 4 thinly rolled bread slices.

2. After that add the veggies and spread it evenly on the bread. On top of that add the grated cheese as much as you want.

3. Then arrange another second layer of bread sheets and repeat the same process.

4. After that, cover the pile with 2 thinly rolled bread slices. Then spread the grated cheese and cheese spread on the top of the bread and also drizzle some veggies. And if you like you can season it with some chopped coriander leaves.

5. Bake it at 200*C for 15 minutes or until it's golden brown from the top.

That’s it your homemade lasagna is ready to eat.