You start discussing Indian food in any room, and there’ll be at least one over-zealous person, who will come forth with a very structured argument proving how Rajma rice is the best Indian dish there was, there is and will be. And we are ourselves very big fans of the combination, but given the versatility of the legume, it seems like a crime of sorts to not experiment with it enough. Besides India, kidney beans or rajma enjoy a fair share of popularity in Mexico as well. This recipe of chatpata rajma wrap is inspired from a Burrito, but is desi enough to please our palate as well.  

Rajma or Kidney beans are known to be a treasure of protein, which is perhaps why it is regarded as highly as dal in a typical North Indian household. In this rajma wrap, rajma is mashed into a fine paste and mixed with a whole lot of eclectic spices and punch of garlic and ginger. Chopped tomatoes and onions add bulk to the filling, and all this comes neatly tucked in whole-wheat parathas, making it an ideal lunch with a  quirky edge.

If you want to give a facelift to your banal spread, or just make your little fussy-eater to finish his/her lunch, you can give this recipe a try. Because it does not take that long to put together, it is our favourite pick on weekdays too. As long as you have some soaked and boiled rajma in your pantry, you are sorted, and isn’t that something that is always around, especially in a North Indian house?  

You can serve this wrap with any dip or condiment of your choice, you can simply serve it with the side of ketchup too. Here is the complete recipe of chatpata rajma wrap. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it.