India is definitely a hub of various culture and when we say India is a diverse country, we truly mean it. And Indian cuisine is not an exception, it is often characterized for its sophisticated and subtle use of various spices, vegetables, grains and fruits that are grown across India. From exotic North Indian gravies to flavorful South Indian curries, one simply can't get enough of both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian Indian food. But when it comes to non-vegetarian Indian foods, we often start salivating at the thought of butter-chicken and often overlook the delicious seafood that the country is rich in as well. 
So, here we are giving you a quick walkthrough of India’s seafood recipes that you may be missing out on
1. Kashmiri- Muj Gaad 
Along with its panoramic-beautyKashmir is also popular for its sapid food- Trout is usually used to prepare this dish with various herbs and spices like Kashmiri Mirch, cloves, tamarind paste, ginger powder and more. The fish is then fried before being addedto the gravy. 
2. Kolkata- Doi Maach 
‘Kolkata’ and ‘maach’ gohand in hand and there is no denying in it. This Bengali Doi Maach is a thick and spicy fish curry in which the fish is marinated with heavy spices and then cooked in a yogurt-based gravy. The curry perfectly brings together the tangy and acetic flavors which simply makes it a mouth-watering treat 
3. Amritsar- Fish Fry 
There is something about Punjabi food that keep us coming back to it and this recipe will also do the same for you. In this recipe, sol fish is marinated with gram flour, red chili powder, turmeric, salt and black pepper. Then deep fried until its golden and crisp, it is often served with green chutney. 
4. Mumbai-Fish Fingers 
It’s a popular dish in Bombay which is quick to prepare and is hard to resist . In this fleshy fish chunk are marinated in corn flour and rice flour with spices like red pepper, chili pepper, cumin and more which is then deep fried until it becomes golden brown. 
5. Kanyakumari- Fish Aanam 
Fish Aanam is a scrumptious traditional recipe of South Indian cuisine. This Tamil Nadu style curry fish is boiled in coconut paste with curry leaves, mustard seeds and more. Unlike other fish curries, this one has a creamy taste and texture because of the use of coconut milk which makes it different and flavorsome.  
If you are a fish lover then you should definitely try this unique fish curries.