As the monsoon showers drench the country, one of the first thoughts that strike us is the number of binge-worthy, fried and crispy snacks we can get our hands on. Pakodas seem to be a mass favourite in the season paired with garma garam chai, which is followed by samosas and kachori. While each of it is a mood lifter, Kachoris have a special place in the heart of many. Touted as one of the most popular breakfast delicacies of Rajasthan, Kachoris are crispy, round and flattened treats packed with mouth-watering masala and onions. They are made with refined flour and filled with a mixture of dals, spices and red chilli pepper. Served with a tantalising imli chutney and a mix of coriander-mint chutney, pyaz kachoris from Rajasthan is a true delight to relish!

With my maternal grandparent's home in the Alwar city of Rajasthan, I’ve had a memorable tryst with local street food from the desert state. Right from mirchi pakoda of Jodhpur to kalakand of Alwar and kachoris of Jaipur, all of these have been a regular breakfast at my Nani’s house through all our visits. One cannot pick one or two best places in Rajasthan for the flaky, delicious pyaz kachori, because there are simply so many. Jaipur especially, is a hub for innumerable legendary eateries serving Pyaz ki kachori.


Kachoris come in various different stuffing but pyaz ki kachori has many takers. It has browned onions combines with salt and many spices making for a wholesome, tantalising treat. It also has ginger, garlic and red chillies, something which many Rajasthani delicacies can’t do without. When served, it is broken into half, crushed and eaten with a generous scoop of chutneys, making for a stunning combination. Another way to enjoy pyaz kachoris is by pairing it with a delicious sabzi! The crunchy exterior and a soft interior with burst of flavours are sure to get you hooked.  

Several chefs and food experts credit the dry climate and season of Rajasthan for the availability of onions in bulk and thus are popular for serving sumptuous pyaz kachoris. Many kachori sellers also combine pyaz with potato, making it all the more wholesome and richer.  

While you can find pyaz ki kachori at almost every-street-side stall in Jaipur and other parts of the royal state of Rajasthan, you can make it at home too!

Find the full recipe of Jaipuri Pyaz Kachori here. Try this at home and share your experience with us.