From cauliflower cheese to avocado mayonnaise and zoodles to aquafaba, veganism has given numerous alternatives to live a healthy life and brilliant culinary discoveries. Some of these discoveries have become a part of the mainstream food network and are not just limited to veganism anymore. One such addition to the fray of vegan discoveries has been made very recently and it is made from our favourite go-to comfort veggie- potatoes. Yes, you heard it right. After cauliflower cheese, potato milk is the next big thing in the world of veganism. With the same white colour and texture, potato milk is a better substitute for dairy and other vegan milk options in terms of environmental costs. According to The Guardian, it takes half the land it takes to make oats milk and uses much less water than almond milk too.


Being free from gluten, cholesterol, lactose, nuts, and soy, potato milk ditches a lot of dietary restrictions and intolerances. All the nutritional qualities of potatoes make it equivalent to cow milk with rich vitamins and minerals. It's rich in fiber and keeps you full for longer.



· 2 potatoes

· 3 cups of water

· ½ of almonds

· 2 tsp vanilla extract (for flavouring)

· 2 tbsp honey


1. Peel and boil the potatoes in saltwater till you can pierce a fork through them.

2. Now blend the potato, water, honey, almonds, and vanilla extract and blend it to a smooth paste.

3. Pass the mixture through a muslin cloth and squeeze to strain all the liquid. Your homemade potato milk is ready to be savoured.


Like any other dairy option, potato milk can be used as a good breakfast option. You can add it to your breakfast cereal or have it just as it is without any sweetener for a filling meal.

If you are planning to go vegan or want to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, potato milk can be a great option to start with. Extremely environment friendly and full of essential nutrients, potato is the go-to option considering the upcoming climate emergency.