Most of the residents of the South Pole are wildlife. However, there are scientists and researchers who flock the region every now and then for work. The question lies, how do they feed themselves? Let’s find out.  

1. Seafood is largest source of food


Due to a large number of waterbodies surrounding the region, seafood is available in abundance. You’ll find all kinds of fish from tuna to shellfish and the favorite, Wem salt fish. It cooks easily and has a lot flavor too.  

2. Freeze. Can. Jar

The harsh climate does not allow the food to sustain for long. In order to preserve the food that has been shipped from overseas, several methods like freezing, canning and jarring are used. Pickling is another popular way of increasing the shelf life of food. Meat and many perishable condiments are stored in this way, taken out only some time before use.  

3. Pizza is the only fresh thing available


Food has no expiration date in the Antarctic. All the supply arrives a year in advance and fresh vegetation does not exist so the only option is to preserve and recycle the food. You wouldn’t find fresh fruits and vegetables here but one thing that is always fresh is pizza. A huge number of pizzas are prepared every day and eaten by people.  

4. Protein bars and chocolates keep you energized  

It’s simple science. In colder climates, your body needs more warmth. Which means that you need more food to keep yourself going through the day. Munching on chocolates and protein bars made of seeds and other nuts helps to fulfill the calorie requirements of the body as well as keep you satisfied for a longer time.  

The living conditions, specifically the food, are not easy in the Southern Hemisphere. Yet people make do of whatever is available and survive.