Be it a comforting Korean Drama night or a sunny Sunday lunch, the Korean BBQ course is comforting and indulging as well. Mainly consisting of a barbequed meat dish, edible leaves and herbs like lettuce and parsley, rice, garnishes like garlic cloves and Korean chillies, Banchan and a dipping sauce, Korean BBQ is decadent and distinct. Although all the components mentioned here seem simple and laboursaving, it is quite hard to strike the right chord when it comes to balancing the flavours of each dish. If one messes up the balance of one, the entire course falls out of balance. While all the other dishes of the course are easy to nail, the dish or rather the side dish that gives everyone a headache is the BBQ sauce. Are you planning for a Korean BBQ this weekend? Here are four Korean BBQ dipping sauces that you can include in your Korean BBQ course.

1. Gochujang

Gochujang is a traditional Korean sauce made with Korean red chillies called Gochugaru. Its sweet, savoury and spicy flavour profile makes it one of the favourite Korean condiments around the world. Follow the recipe below to make Gochujang at home to elevate the flavours of your Korean BBQ course.

2. Korean chili and soybean paste sauce with maple syrup

Made with a mixture of Gochujang and Korean soybean paste, this sauce is quite similar to the previous sauce in terms of flavours. The sauce is made with Gochujang, Doenjang, minced garlic, onions, sesame oil and chopped green onions.

3. Sesame oil, salt and pepper sauce

Quite simple to make and delicious to eat, this sauce goes well with the marinated goodies in the Korean BBQ course.

4. Wasabi and soy sauce

Quite spicy and pungent in taste, wasabi and soy sauce is something that can elevate the flavours of your course in an instant. Made with wasabi paste, soy sauce, sugar and some slices of onion, Wasabi and soy sauce is an absolute palate cleanser that will prepare your palate for the next bite.

We have made your job easy by suggesting these sauces for your Korean BBQ platter. Now, rush to your kitchen and start prepping for a comforting course.