Think Italian food and pasta is the first to kick our mind, and that’s how much we love the one-pot dish! A warm plate of pasta with a glass of great wine is one of the best combinations ever. Be it on a lazy Saturday night or a busy weekday, and pasta can be a comforting dish at all times more because of how easy and quick it is to make one! On a dull and stressful workday, the texture and flavours of pasta can instantly liven up your spirits. Maybe that is why it is such a hit across countries and even India, where everything from a simple mac and cheese to risotto has a fan base. But don’t we often get confused between the types of pasta available? Made with flour, pasta comes in sheets, strips and many different shapes! Did you know there are over 600 types of pasta shapes in the world? Yes, you read that right.  

And if you, too, are often caught amid the confusion, we’ve got your back here. Listing here the different types of most popular pasta that you’ll find! 

1. Spaghetti 

Don’t you love your zesty spaghetti bolognese? It is indeed one of the most popular restaurants since we love to roll up the long, thin strings of pasta in our fork! It is pronounced as spah-geh-tee, and we are craving as we say it!


2. Macaroni 

Perhaps one of the most common ones across homes as maybe it is the easiest, quickest one to prepare, mac-uh-row-nee is shaped like a small narrow tube which is curved. It goes best in saucy dishes.


3. Penne 

Long, tube-shaped pasta is one of the most popular among restaurants and comes in dishes such as penne arrabbiata and penne alfredo and pesto penne. It is effortless to cook and also soaks in the flavours from the sauces well. All you need to do is top it with some grated cheese and fresh herbs for a quick meal right there.  

4. Ravioli 

Many of us have tried this on rare occasions, and cooking it at home might not have crossed our mind ever since it isn’t available commonly. Rah-vee-oh-lee is pillow-like pasta filled with meat or even cheese that burst in your mouth as soon you take a bite, and it can make any simple sauce stand out.  

5. Fusilli 

Oh, how we love this spiral-shaped pasta in a tomato sauce with meat or veggies! Pronounced as fooh-zeel-lee, this one is going to get you hooked if you toss it with a dash of vodka and cream to the tomato sauce!