How much you eat, in the end, there’s always room for desserts. Desserts bring us much needed satisfaction and help in satiating our post-meal sugar or sweet cravings. So would you love to tickle your tastebuds with one of the finest yet melt in the mouth French desserts? Parfait is a traditional frozen dessert of France that is whipped up in just a few minutes by adding some of its prime ingredients, including cream, sugar syrup, and eggs. When put together takes a beautiful form of a layered custard-like puree. The fascinating thing about this frozen dessert is that it's popularly known for two versions of it. 

What is another popular version of parfait?

Besides the French version and the contrasting yet stylish approach to making this frozen dessert, an American version has become equally charming and admirable. What differentiates one from the other is an infusion of different flavours and an exciting mix of ingredients. An American version consists of layers of granola, nuts, yoghurt and liquor that are beautifully put together, one after another, which is generally further topped off with fruits and whipped cream. 

Another thing to know about parfaits is that both versions follow the same style. A classic parfait is typically and traditionally served in tall fancy looking, see-through glassware with a parfait spoon placed over it, mainly designed for this exquisite dessert. The clear glass allows one to immerse in the breathtaking colourful and vibrant merge of layers.  

A parfait is usually served cold and contains a fair amount of fat, calories and sugar content. As already discussed, an American parfait uses liquor, so a parfait may also be boozy depending on how you wish to make it for yourself.

Wait no more and get this French-style ice cream at home that is sure to steal all the spotlight and many hearts because of its captivating look and heavenly flavorful taste.

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