An interesting spin of stuffing in parathas with any of your favorite papads is sure to make your tummy feel satiated. You must have eaten various types of stuffed parathas but papad paratha is one that very few people know of. A whole-wheat flatbread, lightly spiced and stuffed with papad makes for a perfect quick meal. In case you’re wondering which papad stuffing to use, it’s totally up to you as it’s customizable. 


Ingredients- (Serving for two) 


  1. Roasted papad 

  2. Crushed coriander leaves 

  3. Crushed fennel seeds 

  4. Crushed cumin seeds 

  5. Chilli powder (as per taste) 

  6. Little salt 

  7. Oil  

  8. Aesophetida 

  9. Coriander leaves  

  10. Dry mango powder 





  1. First take papads, crunch them into very small and fine pieces and roast. 

  2. Add crushed roasted fennel and cumin seeds, zeera. Sprinkle a pinch of hing chilli powder, dry mango powder and a little bit of salt to make the mixture. 

  3. In the mixture of papad, also add chopped oil and coriander leaves. Now, keep this stuffing aside for a while. 

  4. Make a dough and cut into small parts and shape them like a ball to be rolled. Give them the desired shape. 

  5. Put the stuffing into the parathas. Make sure you oil the parthas first before stuffing 

  6. Put a flat pan on the stove. Grease it with oil and put your rolled dough on it. 

  7. Make sure to rotate it so that it can get evenly cooked from all the sides.  

  8. Parathas are now ready. Serve hot with a pickle. 



Parathas serve as a helping hand in keeping one filled and energized for long hours. You only need a few minutes to make this one. Head to your kitchen, put an apron on and get cooking. Feel free to add your own variations.