Papads are usually lean, super crunchy round foods made from ingredients such as moong, black gram flour, chickpeas, rice and even sabudana. Cooking methods also vary - some bake their papads, others dry roast them and lately, there's even a microwave ritual. 

These delicious crunchy things are also used as snacks in North India and come in different colors and flavors.  Ready to learn more about the varieties you can get in papad?

Masala Papad

It's your typical fried papad topped with a filling in the mouth. It is a popular appetizer in some restaurants. When papad is seasoned with vegetables and herbs, masala papad is one of the most addictive things you can have. 

Rice Papad 

Rice papad is the most popular version of South India but is generally prepared all over India.

This is prepared with rice and salt. You can serve it with sambar rice, rasam rice or dal rice and you will know for sure that these are heavenly flavours. 

Sabudana Papad

Without spices, Sabudana gives a distinctive flavour to the papad. You can enjoy this snack anytime you want. 

Black Pepper ( Kali Mirch ) Papad

Kali Mirch papad is certainly a popular form of papad. The hint of black pepper hits your palate and you want more of it.


Shakuli is a unique Himachali version of papad. Made with fine flour and salt, this paper-finished fried snack is super light. Shakuli is accompanied by an authentic Himachali Thali. It's white and the spices in it give it an extra twist.

Potato Papad

This papad variant is super easy and common, made with steamed and mashed potatoes and even salt. These thin papads can be found throughout Punjab, Delhi and even Uttar Pradesh. Aloo ka papad is also a recommended snack that is served during Holi.

We all are obsessed with Papad and are usually eaten with khichdi, but sometimes you can have papad with chutney or dips.