In the wake of these fancy diets, one interesting concept that has come to be is the Paleo diet. So, what makes it different from the rest. Let’s find out.  


Concept of a Paleo Diet  

The idea is inspired by the lifestyle and practices hunters and gatherers in the ancient times. These people, who are our ancestors, were unaware of any technology and ate whatever was available around them. This usually consisted of raw fruits, vegetables and other whole foods in their pure form. The Paleo diet rests on the idea that the way our ancestors lived long, healthy lives, we can also follow their footsteps for the same. This is because of the rise in the consumption of refined sugars and processed foods, as part of the Western diets.  


Eating a Paleo Diet 

The main focus of this dietary practice is to cut down on the consumption of refined and processed food like pasta, pizza, burgers, sugar, cakes, brownies etc. Most of the packaged food is processed and contains preservatives. Here, it is emphasized that you consume fresh produce like fresh fruits, raw vegetables etc.  

Dairy and legumes are not a part of the diet plan, though you can have eggs since they are a rich source of protein. Cereals, bread, rice and other whole grains are also not recommended in this diet. Alcohol is a strict no no but red wine is acceptable in moderation.  

Meat and seafood like chicken, tuna, salmon, beef, pork etc. are encouraged but it is suggested that you eat grass-fed meat since it contains a lot good fat i.e., Omega 3 fatty acids.  


The basic premise of this diet is to encourage a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent inflammation, increase the energy and reduce the risk of developing any chronic ailments in future.