Do you know when ice cream day is celebrated? If you don’t know, then here is all history of everyone's favourite ice cream. President Ronald Reagan legit the ice cream day in 1984; he signed a proclamation and declared 18 July as a National Ice Cream day.

Ice cream is a frozen dessert widely consumed worldwide, especially in the peak months of summer. Ice creams are usually made with milk, cream, and different flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberries, pistachios, butterscotch, etc. Earlier, the flavours of ice cream were made by fruits, vanilla, and coffee beans by crushing and keeping extracts to freeze. But, nowadays, ice creams are used in milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, soda floats, ice brownies, cakes and much more. But have you ever wondered how ice creams originated? So here is the history of ice cream.

Origin Of Ice Cream

There is no specific history about who invented the ice cream, but as per the sources of food history, its origin date back to 200 B.C. when people in China created a dish of rice mixed with milk and froze it by packing in the snow. The then Chinese king Tang of Shang also invented the first ice cream machine. They had pots filled with sweet syrup, which was packed to be kept in the mixture of snow and salt. The Tang dynasty in China also explained that a sweet drink mixture is made from ice, camphor-laced water, and buffalo milk.  

  • After this, the ice cream was brought to Italy by Marco Polo in 200 B.C, to France by Catherine de Medici.
  • At the time of 4000 B.C, iced drinks and desserts took over the market ice cream.
  • While the Roman emperor Nero 37-67 A.D. enjoyed these iced refreshments laced with honey.

Selling Of Ice-Creams

In the 1930s, ice cream was first sold in grocery stores. After world war 2, ice cream gained popularity. It was served as the dessert treat for the troops for boosting morale at the time of the world war.

Also, ice cream became the biggest producer in America in 1943. Today it is estimated that over 2.4 billion gallons of ice cream and related frozen dairy products are annually produced in the United States alone. In each year, average US citizens eat a whopping four gallons of ice cream per person.

Variations Of Ice Cream Around the World

  • Sorbets were also the first frozen desserts that were closely similar to ice cream. It is a dessert popular in Europe and known as “Givre'' and "sherbet" in Canada. Sorbets are sweet frozen desserts made from sugar, water mixed with honey, wine, and fruit pulp.
  • Gelato is one such recent variation of ice cream, a dessert and very popular throughout Italy. It is made with butterfat, whole milk, sugar, and different flavours. The tastes and preparation of gelato consist of pistachios, chocolate, hazelnut, and have an ice cream base without a flavour.
  • Frozen yoghurt is also a dessert and similar to ice cream because it has an oily dairy base. Made from yoghurt, sugar, milk fat, and fruits. Frozen yoghurt is popular in the US and serves as a light dessert widely in the country.

Now, whenever you scoop into the ice cream tub, you'll know how it came to the world.