Have you ever heard of an ice cream that is cut with a butcher’s knife and eaten with a knife and a fork? Well, we are talking about the recent favourite of Indians- Turkish ice cream. Turkish ice creams have been widely sold in India for the last five years, be malls or cinema halls. The delicious flavour, rubbery texture and tricks of the vendor add to the popularity of this ice cream. But ever wondered the reason behind this stretchy texture of the ice cream and the ingredients that make it a fragrant delight? Popularly known as Dondurma, making this Turkish ice cream is not as easy as regular ice cream. 

It is believed that the famous Turkish ice cream has its roots in the Kahramanmaras, which is located at the foot of the Ahir Mountains. The ice cream got its name from this town and is traditionally called ‘Maras Dondurmasi’. Legend has it that this ice cream was originated 300-500 years ago in this town, which led to the city being called ‘The Ice Cream Capital’ of Turkey.

The texture of the ice cream is sticky, chewy and thick and can be tossed like pizza dough. But how? The two primary ingredients of this ice cream are goat milk and Salep (the root of Wild Orchid). The milk used in this ice cream is derived from goats fed Thyme and Tragacanth to give the milk a distinct flavour and aroma. Salep usually acts as a sweetener and is responsible for the chewy texture of the ice cream. But are these ingredients enough to give the ice cream its unique texture? The answer is a “No”. Hand churning of the ice cream is another vital factor for the stretchy texture of the ice cream. The extensive churning and stretching of the ice cream activates the Salep and gives it a distinct texture.

Apart from the texture and flavour of the ice cream, the street vendors catch the customer’s attention. Dressed in traditional Turkish attire, ringing a bell and playing fun tricks with the customers, these vendors make relishing a cone of Turkish ice cream more fun. So, you get a chance to visit Turkey, grab a scoop or slice off their traditional ice cream, enjoy the long years of hard work combined with tradition with every single bite!