Every day, there is a new tonic in the market which claims to be the best product for our hair fall problem but often lets us down. We understand that this often leads to frustration and anger. We go ahead and buy the tonic only to discover that the result is zero. Speaking about the online world, video creators online continue back products which didn’t help you at all. So, you tend to wonder how you can evade the lies and just find one solution that helps!  

Well, there are some good products in the market. But it is quite interesting that a lot, and we mean a lot of people back home remedies more often than commercial products. In India, a lot of people have always encouraged us to stick to home remedies. Here’s one that we want to share. But be careful so that it does not sting your eye.  

Onion juice is one of the things which gets a lot of thumbs downs because people think that it’s seriously dangerous to use, and smelly. But the fact is that using onion juice is a really good treatment for your hair fall problem. Once applied, you will see positive changes within a week. Onion juice also helps in dandruff control and hair growth. What makes onion juice useful is that it contains antioxidants such as Vitamin C and beneficial sulphur compounds which will work on strengthening hair.  

Photo: Mufid Majnun

Here’s what you have to do —  


To make onion juice, you have to squeeze the onion water from the pulp. It is as simple as that. Store the juice in a bottle. 


To apply onion juice to your hair every night before going to bed, follow the steps below:  

- Do not wet your hair. Simply rub a portion of onion juice on your scalp and braid your hair. Once your hair is tied in a ponytail, make sure to put a towel on your pillow so that it does not catch the smell. This treatment can work wonders for your hair fall problem when done consistently.

- To rid your hair of the onion juice, just use cold water the next day. A lot of people may use lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to get rid of the onion smell, but also remember that you can simply shampoo your hair using a good product if the smell lingers. 

With time, the hair breakage, dandruff or any other hair problem will surely reduce. But do this treatment consistently.

If the treatment does not work, we highly recommend that you stop it immediately. Please consult a doctor if the problem persists.