While that may be the case with most foods, there are some that start tasting better with age. Unlike others, these foods tend to gain a special aroma and flavour, as the days pass by. The longer they are kept, the tastier they get.  

Here are 4 such food items that you can surely store for long to get a better taste.  

1. Wine  

Ageing in food instantly brings us to wine. The concept of old wine is well-known to one and all. The tannins tend to mellow with age and give it a distinct aroma. For instance, cabernets owe their creamy texture to the aging process.  

2. Cheese  

Cheese is another popular ageing item. Gouda, blue cheese and cheddar are among the cheese varieties that enhance their taste over time. This happens because the cheese forms lactic acid and loses its moisture which makes it great for garnishing.  

3. Fermented foods  

Fermentation is the process that slow in nature. The idea behind fermentation is to slowly age the item so that it retains maximum flavor, texture and nutritional value. Some fermented foods commonly used are pickles, kimchi etc.  

4. Braised meats  

You might have noticed that often meat-based dishes taste better when consumed the next day. The reason being those braised dishes, particularly meats need time to infuse all the spices and flavors well into the chicken, beef or pork. So, if you keep it away for 1-2 days and eat it on the third day, it will definitely taste better.  

There are several other items like salami, soups etc. too that bring out a delicious palate for you.