Did you know Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states of India? Well, if you did you would also know that this largest state has a plethora of beautiful cities to explore with a rich culture and can you guess? Yes, we are talking about its cuisine. Kanpur se lekar Jaunpur tak sab kuch ek dam top ka hai (everything from Kanpur to Janpur is first class). That’s the effect you have once you visit these cities. 

Among them, the city of nawabs lives up to its royal stature with a host of delicacies from the Awadhi cuisine, inherited from the kitchens of Nawabs. Galuoti, Shammi, Tundey kebabs are commonplace in this city and well, the major tourist attraction for a foodie too. But what if a vegetarian lands up in this heavenly platter of roti and boti, demanding something for his/her preferences too. The Lucknow wallahs have got a plate ready for them too. 

If you thought Lucknow wouldn’t be a charm for a vegetarian, let the city surprise you with some lip-smacking delights that you would want to try out. 

1. Bhuna Matar Ki Chaat

Source: Flavours Of Food/Instagram

Chaat papdi, dahi bhalle etc. are pretty common in most metros like Delhi and Mumbai. In fact, Lucknow is also popular for their chaat. However, did you ever think you could have bhuna matar ki chaat in this lifetime? We bet not. It is a matar (peas) chaat that is slightly roasted in a kadhai along with some dry spices and tossed on your plate. 

2. Kaju Curry

Source: Cook with Manali/Instagram 

Well, when we talk of Nawabs isn’t it obvious that some rich, creamy dish is definitely on the menu. Kaju curry is just like it sounds. A thick and creamy gravy made with kaju and milk, this is a vegetarian’s paradise which you can’t just ignore. Lots of vegetables are added to this khoya –based curry which is so appetizing that we doubt you would even mind kaddu (pumpkin) in it. 

3.  Khasta Aloo

Source: Passionately Foodie/Instagram

Khasta Kachori toh kaafi suna hoga, but what about khasta aloo. We feel that aloo in all shapes and forms gives nothing but happiness. This is quick and loved street food of Lucknow, where aloo is deep-fried and the sautéed with some lentils. The rusty texture of the aloo lends it a certain crispness that tastes amazing with dhaniya ki chutney (coriander chutney). 

4. Veg Kebab Parantha 

Source: The Flavours Cart/Instagram 

In case you were thinking veg kebabs isn’t a thing, we’ll tell you otherwise. Just like the Nawabs know how to do their shammis and galoutis, they have mastered the art of veg kebabs too. A chunky filling of a host of vegetables, these kebabs are deep-fried and then placed carefully on a thick maida ki roti. It is then rolled into a wrap-like shape, to be dipped in some chutney and freshly chopped onions. 

5.  Makhan Malai 

Source: Lucky Fatima/Instagram

A dessert-lovers’ ultimate search for a good sweet would be makhan malai. Generally available during the winter season, this creamy, malai-based sweetmeat is worth trying. Colloquially called Nimish, it is such a light and airy dessert that the only crunch you’ll feel is that of the nuts. 

So, vegetarians now you know that the royalty has got something in store for you too.